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Download Wise Disk Cleaner 2023 to clean your hard disk


Wise Disk Cleaner full 2023 

Wise Disk Cleaner full free download 2023 windows 10 / 7 / 11 / 8 / xp , program disk cleaner helps you to quickly and easily clean and remove the remnants of the computer operating system and unwanted files, and thus rid you of those many files that take up space on the hard disk and are a burden on the operating system and cause it to slow down.

wise disk cleaner portable

Wise Disk Cleaner full 2023

Features and characteristics of Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner helps remove operating system junk and unnecessary files.

Remove Internet files resulting from your browsing as well as installation records, which are useless space-consuming files.

wise disk cleaner review

You will notice after using the program a significant and noticeable improvement in the performance of the computer and the speed of its startup and work.

With Wise Disk Cleaner, you can free up space on your hard disk without any use.

Checking the registry files and reading all the values ​​inside the files to delete from them the files that do not carry any value and that are not necessary to exist, and it works to clean, organize and repair the rest of the files, all with one click and in less than one minute, to help raise the efficiency and speed of the operating system.

Wise Disk Cleaner defragments the registry files to make it easier to prepare them when requested by the operating system to perform any task.

wise disk cleaner safe

Providing a tool in the program to take a backup copy of the registry, and when any damage occurs due to you or another reason in the important registry files, you can restore them from the saved copy.

Providing the ability to create a restore point for the operating system System Restore, which will help you in the event of any damage to Windows files, so you can restore the system to an earlier time (the time the restore point was created) and end this problem quickly.

Wise Disk Cleaner rearranges system files to help the operating system run more efficiently.

It works completely automatically to save you time and effort to manually delete all those unnecessary files.

With Wise Disk Cleaner, you can customize folders of your choice to be included in cleaning operations. 

The program is rich in basic and advanced tools that help you manage it without the need for professionalism.

The program searches a very wide range of temporary file types, different formats, and formats to pick out the unnecessary ones and then delete them.

You can choose to schedule the program to run to clean at fixed times that you specify, or to have you clean as often as you need at separate times.

You can set Wise Disk Cleaner to automatically exit when its job is done.

Customizable user-friendly multilingual interface including Arabic.

Wise Disk Cleaner information

Official website: Homepage

Version: Wise Disk Cleaner 10.9.5

Size: 6 MB

Compatible with: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

License: Freeware

Wise Disk Cleaner


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